THE NURSING HONOR SOCIETY OF INDIA AND HALL OF FAME:  Is getting re-established this year.

BACKGROUND – Dr Suwersh Khanna writes…..

  1. MRS. Cherian ( the legend of our times)

Mrs. Cherian was USA and came in New York and stayed with me. At that time, we had our first induction on July 8 th, 1988. She witnessed the whole event and gave vote of thanks to the founder and to the executive members of this most important timely needed Venture to establish such a prestigious society which had existing from more than a century in other professions. 

  1. Dr. Margaret Dean’s efforts. You also know about this legend. She was in constant touch with me. This you may not know that Dr. Dean was from Irwin hospital my teacher, my examiner and later my friend when she was doing PhD at Columbia, I was a few semesters behind and always teased me “ Sue with Shorty legs you caught up with a giant” inside joke. My son Joe and Angela were very cute friends who will play together, shower together and she will come to Canada with us leaving mom to concentrate on her dissertation. Anyway, later on she took all the material with her and established a chapter in Ludhiana where you guys with Uma JI had another induction ceremony ( you posted that photo). Of course I was there. 

She was unconditionally supportive of us for this venture. The initial regular members were four and associate members were eight.

(Please keep this tit bit pieces in one folder so later you may be able to use them. Best wishes,Dr. S.Khanna)

I have inserted it here in its original form


With this background from Sue Khanna, I am adding here my observations and plans:

Nursing Honor Society of India (NHSI) was founded by Dr Suwersh Khanna in 1987. Dr Khanna got it registered in US and conducted its annual program of conferring HALL OF FAME and INDUCTION CEREMONY till 2001. A number of Indian Nurses received certificates of induction and Hall Of Fame under this society.

Initially the society was registered for five years and as told by Sue Khanna, because the registration was not renewed, no further programs were conducted.


Now, Dr Khanna desired that someone should revive this society and get it freshly registered in India.  I, Dr Usha Ukande, President of Nursing Research Society of India, agreed to take this responsibility and started the process of registering the founder members, writing the bye-laws afresh and getting it registered under Society’s act.

Once the society gets registered, the induction ceremony and giving Hall of Fame certificate to selected Nursing Leaders will be done every year during the Nursing Research Society of India’s Annual National/ International Conferences as was done earlier. If all the formalities of registration will be completed by November this year, the NHSI will hold its induction ceremony this year in Kolkata where NRSI’s Annual National Conference is going to be held in last week of November’2018.

Details of NHSI will be put on NRSI website as a link, after it gets registered.

-Usha Ukande, President NRSI