Nursing Research and Statistics




Basic Approach:
Nursing Research provides a clear understanding of the principles and processes of nursing research, which is an essential subject for nursing students. This is a comprehensive text, written by eminent members of the Nursing Research Society of India (NRSI), that also looks into the methods of data collection, its analysis and presentation. Based on the Indian Nursing Council Syllabus, This textbook is specially designed to meet the needs of B.Sc. & M.Sc. students of nursing.
  • Student-friendly
  • Original content written by experienced members of NRSI
  • Cover’s Introductory Statistics’ in the chapter on Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Covers both Qualitative and Quantitative studies in Sampling
  • Based on INC Syllabus
  • Foreword by Mrs. Reena Bose (Former President of NRSI and Principal of Sister Florence College of Nursing.)
About the Contributor
  • Introduction to Nursing Research – Assuma Beevi T. M.
  • Research Process – R. Sreevani
  • Research Problem – Tessy Sebastian   
  • Review of Literature – Sneha Pitre
  • Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks – Jogindra Vati
  • Ethics in Research – Raj Rani
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Approaches and Designs – Bandana Bhattacharya
  • Population, Sampling and Data Collection Methods in Qualitative Research – Pity Koul
  • Population and Sampling in Quantitative Studies – Manju Chhugani
  • Development of Research Tool – Usha Ukande
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation – Ratna Prakash
  • Critique of Nursing Research Studies – A. V. Raman
  • Communication of Research Results: Oral and Written – K. Lalitha
  • Research Utilization and Evidence-based Nursing Practice -Santosh Yadav
  • Fundamentals of Statistics – Ghansham Sharma, H.C. Rawat