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The birth of NRSI in the year 1987 had been a very significant landmark in the history of nursing profession in India in general and nursing research in particular. The society, NRSI, the first of its kind in India, is a premier organization.  The society was formed with the main aim of providing forum to nurse scientists by organizing conferences and workshops throughout the country to promote nursing research activities.
Today, with 1700 members including 35 international members on its roll, it has moved to the fore front of promoting research, disseminating the research findings, providing the best evidence for nursing practice and positively influencing the quality of nursing practice and nursing education in India. The society is growing steadily larger and stronger.

The nursing Research Society of India envisions to be recognized and respected as one of the premier model of nursing research organizations in the country. It envisages Innovative solutions for the enhancement of nursing services and intellectual advancement for its members within the profession of nursing.

NRSI promotes synergistic collaboration in the conduct, dissemination and utilization of nursing research which will contribute to the quality patient care outcomes, that would require use of research for Evidence Based Practice and the goal of NRSI, is to identify gaps in evidence for practice. NRSI is dedicated to create a community of nurses interested in promoting and supporting nursing research, providing a platform for nurse scientists to interact on issues related to nursing. Through active participation in research and shared decision-making, it promotes a culture of excellence that reflects a commitment to continuous growth and development of nursing science. NRSI strives to mobilize funds for nursing research, translate evidence to nursing practice and education; and motivate and mentor nursing professionals to participate in policy making in health care issues at various levels.

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